V.S.Chellam Soap Factory Shop

Soap Shop is an innovative concept evolved by V.S.Chellam Soap,started flagship store in the year 2011. A first of kind initiative aimed at reaching end customers directly,by selling all cleaning products at very competitive prices,without compromising on the quality. All products manufactured by V.S.Chellam Soap and its group companies,like laundry soaps, detergents, bath soaps and more focus on eco friendly liquid cleaners like floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, dish wash, fabric wash-liquid detergents, herbal phenol, glass cleaner, hand wash, room freshner spray, multi surface cleaner, neem sanitizer and more are sold at less than 50% the price (compared to prices of similar products sold in the market) through the soap shop outlets.

Today we have expanded this concept and more stores are being added year after year... with growing satisfied customers for this retail format. Chellam soap invites franchisees and master franchisees to expand this excellent business proposition where it is a win win situation for both end customers and Franchisee,all key material will be supplied by Chellam soap and marketing assistance will be provided, stores will be under the SOAP SHOP umbrella.

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