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Welcome to Chellam Soap

Our founder Thiru V.S.Chellam started working for a small grocery shop in east Maui street at a very young age as a helper, due to his sheer hard-working nature was recommended and joined “Chokalal beedi co,” as a sale man, before he started his own soap manufacturing company would buy oils to make soap, cut then & load then in buses going to remand and other suburbs of Madurai would sell then, collect cash and return the same night to pay back the oil stores and take fresh stock, hardly slept for 4 to 5 hrs a day and work would start all over again, he worked tirelessly for many years built huge capacities for laundry soaps and became a market leader for soaps in Tamilnadu & south Kerala.

He was also a follower of Mahatma Gandhi & believed in simple living. At the same time thrived hard on entrepreneurship which he believed was the only way to take the nation forward.